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  Essay Architect Writing System
Essay Architect Writing System
Essay Architect Writing System
Essay Architect Writing System
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Our Essay Architect Writing System, the second book in our three-part essay writing series (final installment coming summer 2016) is designed specifically for students who are able to write a few paragraphs, but are having trouble reaching a five-paragraph minimum. Further, Essay Architect helps those students who are struggling to understand writing prompts, and are confused about how to construct different types of essays for various tasks and assessments.

With Essay Architect, students are given a step-by-step, practical approach to writing a five paragraph essay, from learning the essential structure and terminology of writing, to in-depth practice writing each part of the essay, to reviewing and peer-editing model and non-model essays, to learning the specifics of how to write and organize each type of essay, to polishing the essay in its final stages. The Essay Architect Writing System helps students learn the blueprint of the five-paragraph essay, giving them the skills to confidently plan and write a basic five-paragraph essay when required. Best of all, we have included sections exploring each type of essay, including Persuasive/Argumentative essays (taught as one type of essay), Cause and Effect essays, Compare and Contrast essays, Descriptive essays, Informative/Explanatory essays (taught as one type of essay), Reflective/Personal Narrative essays (taught as one type of essay), Response to Literature essays, and Research Papers.

Section One: Preparing to Write

This section focuses on the structure and terminology of an essay plus tools for approaching the planning stages, including

Essay Writing Terms

General Essay Structure

Types of Essays handout,

notes on Reading an Essay Prompt

Brainstorming Your Topic handout,

General Pre-Writing Essay Planner,

Essay Rubric

Section Two: Practicing the Basics

This section takes what students have learned in the first section and puts everything into practice.

Writing Effective Titles, Writing Grabbers, Writing Focus Statements

Recognizing Thesis Statements, Types of Thesis Statements, "Better" Thesis Statements

Writing Topic Sentences, Powerful Challenges, Using Appropriate Tone, Writing with a Purpose

Piecing an Essay Together, including

Informative/Explanatory Essay

Compare/Contrast Essay

Argumentative Essay

Investigating Types of Essays, including

Argumentative Essays

Cause and Effect Essays

Compare and Contrast Essays

Descriptive Essays

Informative/Explanatory Essays

Reflective/Narrative Essays

Response to Literature Essays

Each type of essay above includes individualized lessons, including

Organization of the Essay

Essay Organizer Prompt, with blank Organizer

Essay Structure

Peer Editing Checklist

Rubric for Grading

and more, each tailored specifically for the type of essay

Teaching Research Papers, including

Plagiarism, with WebQuest activity

Writing Research Papers, including

Researching the "Old-Fashioned" Way

Researching in the Modern World

Evaluating Internet Sources

Incorporating Support into a Research Paper

MLA Format and Style

and more

Evaluating Essays, including 22 Model and Non-Model Essays for student comparison and evaluation

Resources, Tips, and Hints, including

545 of the Most Frequently Misspelled Words

Commonly Confused Words

Words to Avoid

Vivid Word Choice

Over 1500 More Powerful Verbs

Building Bridges

Essay Topic Ideas

and more!

Plus, 15 Essays for Evaluation!

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