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Secondary Solutions is looking for writers with fresh, creative ideas to create our standards-based Literature Guides, as well as adept, meticulous, and detail-oriented formatters and editors to format and edit our Literature Guides.  If you're looking to be a part of a fast-paced, challenging, yet highly rewarding experience, then we've got the job for you!  These are Work-For-Hire (Independent Contractor), part-time to full time, work-at-home positions.

If you are interested in becoming a writer, formatter, or editor, and have experience in the classroom teaching English Language Arts, please complete an application HERE.

We will look over your information and get back to you if we feel you may meet our qualifications.  If you are applying to become an author, we will want to see some of your original work, so please be sure to have two or three samples reflecting your best work at the ready!  Please note that except in very rare cases, most writers and editors will have to work as a formatter first, whose work entails designing the writer's work on the page in our strict and distinct format.  This is to allow us to gauge your abilities and work ethic before we place you in the more stressful and demanding roles of writer or editor.  Please do not contact us if you are not interested in working as a formatter first.

Upon written agreement, a binding legal contract will be sent.  The work is done on a Work-For-Hire agreement and the work becomes the sole property of Secondary Solutions.  Pay is made at half-way point and at the completion of the project and there are no royalties.

It may take up to three months for us to contact you, but if your application looks interesting or you fit the grade level/area of expertise we are looking for, you may hear from us much sooner, especially if we are actively looking!

Thanks for your interest in Secondary Solutions.  

Secondary Solutions is an equal opportunity employer.